Why this Song?

Because if it saves one soul from doing something harmful to anyone, including them self because of their hurt and pain…then it is worth it. Too many people give up and leave this world too early to turn off the pain.. thinking there is not hope. The pain will “never” end.. there will be no happiness ever.. again.   I am here to share my testimony to say… there is hope in Jesus.

Everyone has their own cross to bear and the way we carry it is as unique as each one of us.  For me… at “the time” I originally wrote the song I had a multitude of emotions flowing around in me and my spirit was torn, tattered and I really did not love life for a short period of time.  I was fighting the bad Wolf in me… Everyone has their own stories of a childhood so I will not bore you with the details because I tried that with a couple of people that I loved… I did not get compassion as a kind emotion returned…but instead a rejection and chastening.  In the end… they are gone out of my life…by their choice.  Thus the name “Abandoned.” This song has a multitude of significance to those that can endure my off pitch and pray to the meaning of the spirit for it’s life saving message to those who are in pain.  To those who have been there you will get it! To those who have not the capacity to understand… you are either Blessed or just have not arrived at that event in life of morn the lost of those closest to you. You will have your day like it or not. But do hold on to hope…  that is the message.


My wife…    (Am)
She left me…  (C)

My children…  (Am)
there gone too!… (C)

The last thing… (Am)
I expected… (C)

When I me you… (G)
Was that you would too (Em)

You cheated,… (Am)
You lied.. (C)

You said that (Am)
You loved me (C)

Thats not… (Am)
the way … (C)

true love… (G)
is meant to be (Em)

Oh Lord …  (Am)
can you tell me… (C)

why I hurt and feel (Am)
so empty (C)

Is this the kind of  (Am)
destinty (C)

you have..  (G)
have for me (Em)

Oh Lord.. (Am)
have you left me? (C)

to deal with (Am)
all my sins? (C)

I am beginning (Am)
to learn the lessons (C)

I feel the breaking.. (G)
and molding within (Em)

This empty life (Am)
if not for me (C)

I pray to (Am)
find another (C)

One who can (Am)
be true .. (C)

Could it be? (G)
Is it you? (Em)

One who would love (Am)
me forever (C)

and not abandon (Am)
me  (C)

One who believes  (Am)
in God like me (C)

Could it be..  (G)
could it be you? (Em)

Oh lord…. (Am)
did you break me? (C)

So you could mold and (Am)
shape me? (C)

to be the kind of  (Am)
person … (C)

I “should be” (G)
each day? (Em)

If that’s the case (Am)
I thank you (C)

for showing me (Am)
the way (C)

By praying to you (Am)
and with your love (C)

This pain (G)
it eases each day (Em)

This empty life (Am)
is not for me… (C)

I pray to (Am
find another (C)

One who will be (Am)
true to me (C)

and not (G)
abonded me. (Em)

But if my life (Am)
is meant to be (C)

to live without (Am)
a soulmate. (C)

Then I accept (Am)
my destiny, (C)

for I know (G)
I have you (Em)

I know someday (Am)
that also (C)

my children (Am)
will return (C)

for I know their great (Am)
love for me (C)

and mine (G)
mine for them. (Em)

My lord will never (Am)
leave me… (C)

and always show (Am)
his love.. (C)

he always will (Am)
forgive me.. (C)

even when (G)
I mess up. (Em) “yea thank you lord”

And so my lord (Am)
I thank you (C)

for showing me
this day.

your love
and forgiveness

and to be here
to ease my pains.

So with your love
I see now

why she had to
leave me.

Now I understand the

and it eases
all my pains.

So now I begin
my days at ease.

With better

I thank you for

and forgiveness
for my sins.

For althought my wife
she left me

and my children
their gone too..

I thank you for
the things you do

on this day… (G)

I love you…. (Am)

Why Share this?

This song is written from a “Man’s” prospective of having lost his wife and his children.  A husband, Mr. Mom to divorcee and empty nester…  There were dark days… and the fellowship of brothers and sisters, the constant prayer and the forgivness…saved me. Thank you Jesus.  I have also imagined that for a woman the loss of their spouse and children could have the same if not more of a tragic end.  I can understand why people do not want to life the life of sorrow, emptiness and pain…  I’ve look at that door, I’ve seen that room… so for those of you who “get” the meaning of this song pay attention to the songs ending…endure brothers and sisters. Endure…

A Sharing of the Lyrics connections

Ok… for those of you that know me.. My grammer is not so good and I often have typos as my mind swells with emotions so I ask for your forgiveness in advance. It goes like this… I never envisioned myself as a Father, Husband or Mr. Mom.  It was the furthest thing from my mind until 1990 at the age of…well I was born 09-08-1956…you do the math.  When my eldest daughter was born… Sterlyng Zena…my Whole World changed.  I enjoyed 18 years of family life… and it all came to an end.  Not something I dealt with very well. When the youngest finally left home five years ago…the emptiness of the nest was deafening.  Darkness and other Bad Wolf things set in… Finally one day I met a nice young woman that brought sunshine into my life…  Hope… was alive but I had not dealt with my Bad Wolf and she took her love away.  I was in a really dark and hurting place. I prayed to God continually and bought a guitar instead of “prowling” the night clubs looking for companionship.  A little wine and a few chords later and what came out were the lyrics of the song Abandoned. Ok…so for the lyrics meanings… I have to get back to you on the next post. Love you all… Kind regards, Lone Wolf


This is an original by Steve Valencia… aka “Lone Wolf…Howling at the Moon


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