Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind

I dedicate this song, my original, entitled “Heart and Mind” to anyone that has lost a loved one in life.


There are many images that can be thought of with this song.  One is where two lovers and best of soulmates have come to that point in their relationship and have to say good-bye.  It could be when the Lord has taken their spirit from this place.  Another could be to divorce or a breakup.  I often wonder if loosing a love to death is easier to deal with than by divorce or break-up.

In another scenario it could be a long-time married elderly couple (think about your Grandpa and Grandma) married for many decades, the best of life’s partners and friends that must and will someday say good-bye. And, maybe the marriage was less than perfect. This song presents to the survivor and the departed the forgiveness for being less than perfect. “the memories, their not bad.”  The NOT BAD part is kind of a reality check because what couple in life has not been through some bad times and said or did things to hurt their partner.  When your partner in life is gone those “bad things will fade” and the love will shine through.  Until the end of time.

Another perspective is one of a parent to a child and from a child to his parents. From birth the child love the parents and the parents the child. At some point in life we all must say our good-byes on some way.

Many events take place in life… let’s forgive, love and remember those times that were good and the memories that are not bad.

For me, jokingly, it’s my dog, my pickup and my fishing pole The reality is as I played this song I thought of past loves, siblings, in-laws, my dog and my parents. (not the whole truth but one that let’s me get through these empty years)  When you love someone you cannot control the feeling down in the soul.

God bless.

I am looking to re-do this song and hope to find a female vocalist and some other musician that are interested.  If you are one of those please contact me here. Contact form


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