Please give me courage

What do you do when you are oppressed by the very Police and Government Officials that are elected to protect and serve?

The photo depicted in this image was use and is used at a site to depict a human being in despair because of a down turn in the economy.  You decide what emotion that “you” can relate to…. it’s your heart, mind and spirit.  “Or is it?”

My name is Steve Valencia. I am the web designer and blogger for American Contractor and for this site.  Today I was inspired to create this post for a another person in despair (no names mentioned).

His situation however is slightly different in that it was not a down turn in the economy but, as he put it… from Policy officers and other public officials that have, for whatever reason, chose to use their powers in an unethical, immoral and possibly illegal ways.

So what do we do when “We the People” become victims of our Government and have no financial means of seeking Justice.

It’s time for Justice to take off her mask and see what is being placed upon the scales. View in full light the weights and measures that She holds in her hands!”

So on this day 04/14/2015 I post and invite all to join me in blogging their personal experiences in Government abuse and be cautious. Let us take this from a Spiritual stand point and side with caution in not mentioning “real names” in the event that they, in fear, would seek to do you or your family harm.  Instead let’s talk about what we can do to bring them and their actions into the light.

Today I will for a group entitled “Government Abuse” and from there we can create sub groups as it pertains to us on two other sub-levels. As an example the bread crumbs would be something like.

Government Abuse (the primary group), Pasadena California (would be the location) Pasadena Police Department (would be where the “persons” hold a position of authority) This does not imply that I am stating that any Police officer or department of the Pasadena Police Department has done any wrong. This is just an example…. Let usbring this to light in the name of Jesus Christ I ask and pray… Amen

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