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Each of us have our own way. For me, I have been separated from my children, my wife and nearly all other family except a couple. Work is how I fill my time, the shadows of darkness and emptiness. I am hoping and praying that my life will soon be filled with activity and happiness. I work two jobs, one as an insurance broker and the other as a web designer and dreamer.  As in the spiritual creature the “wolf” I am alone and howling at the moon. God please hear my prayerLone Wolf aka: S Valencia

Project Title First
Branding / Graphic
Project Title Second
Package / Video
Project Title Third
Video / Web Design
Project Title Fourth
Graphic / Video
Project Title Fifth
Package / Web
Project Title Sixth
Branding / Graphic
A great deal of self-reflection

About Me

Some people keep a diary about themselves. I was never taught that way. Book learning, tutoring and mentoring were words I did not really understand or appreciate. I wish now that things were different for me as a child…but they were not! Not everyone can walk in the footsteps of others…

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